Being watched

Psalm 119:168 “I keep your precepts and testimonies, for all my ways are before you.”

Do you realize that you are being watched every moment of every day? It doesn’t matter where we are, who we’re with, if it’s day or night, if we are in public or in secret and “all by our self.” Nothing is hidden from the Lord, absolutely nothing. Knowing this should affect us in profound ways. Unbelief foolishly operates as if one is outside the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that one can keep secrets, even live a secret life. Belief in Christ recognizes Him as the omniscient, omnipresent One, the “God who sees me (Genesis 16:13).”

For the believer, this is a very good thing. He or she should rejoice that Immanuel (“God with us”) is indeed with us. He knows everything about us. He knows the words we speak – before we speak them and the thoughts we think – before we think them. He knows “when I sit down and when I rise up. . . You scrutinize my path and my lying down, and are intimately acquainted with all my ways (Psalm 139:2-3).” Again, the believer welcomes this and embraces it as he or she strives to live in service to the Lord.

God sees unbelievers in the same way, knowing every word and every thought and seeing every action. And he sees that these words, thoughts, and actions are done, incredibly, without giving any recognition to Him, the unbelievers’ Creator. After death, the unbeliever will become all too aware of this, but regrettably (and that’s not a strong enough word) in that time of woe, there will be no going back to an awareness and an experience of God’s overarching presence, care and love. However, wonderfully, God is only too eager to pour out this love on them right now if they would but turn to Him and believe.

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