The faithful One

Psalm 119:90 “Your faithfulness continues through all generations . . .”

Christianity is not a fad. It’s not some new thing for which everyone jumps on the bandwagon like so many other things in this world. People seem to always be searching for the next new theory of living, or the next new book, new diet, new movie, or new fashion. It goes on and on. The problem is that fads come and go. Those things that were “the latest and greatest new thing” at one time fall out of fashion so very quickly. There are new philosophies and new cults and new theories popping up all the time, but their shortcomings often become exposed over time and what was once so seemingly fresh and new and exciting eventually becomes old and tired, even boring. 

Interestingly, these things seem to go in cycles. Things that were practiced in the past, such as patterns of sin that are as ancient as man and have led to the destruction of entire civilizations, inevitably cycle around to be viewed as “progressive” by some new generation of people – and history seems to repeat itself as the same shortcomings of these “new” patterns rear their ugly heads once again. 

Our faithful God and His ways are not like that. He is eternal in all His ways and in following His ways we find that He is faithful, true, just, loving, kind, and good, just as all of our ancestors who also followed Him found out. He was faithful to them – and we are surrounded by “a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1).” The faithfulness of God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the same faithfulness that has been demonstrated to every generation after them down to our present day.  And it will be the same faithfulness demonstrated to those who come after us that also follow him. The faithfulness that God has demonstrated from eternity past is exactly the same faithfulness that will be demonstrated in eternity future. He can be entirely trusted, and His faithfulness to what He has told us will be proven over and over again, just as it has been proven to all generations that came before us. 

Joshua found that “Not one of the good promises which the LORD had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass (Joshua 21:45).” We are certain to see the same faithfulness of God played out in our own lives if we trust him. What a wonderful thing is the faithfulness of our eternal God.

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