How Great Thou Art!

Psalm 104:1 “Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, you are very great! You are clothed in splendor and majesty.”

How GREAT is our God! Any words we use, no matter how many we use, can only understate his majesty. He is a being that never had a beginning and never will have an ending. The great “I am!” Eternal. What an awesome word. Nothing else compares. He is infinite in all his attributes. Infinite power! He spoke everything that is, into existence. The earth, the sun, the moon, the oceans, and as Genesis 1:16 so wonderfully understates “He made the stars also.” To think that some of the stars are bigger in circumference that the entire Milky Way Galaxy!! Check this out for a sense of the awesome scale of the universe God has created: (

Going in the other direction, to the minute scale, quoting Dr. Jerry Bergman in his article “Unraveling DNA’s Design (, “At the moment of conception, a fertilized human egg is about the size of a pinhead. Yet it contains information equivalent to about six billion ‘chemical letters.’ This is enough information to fill 1000 books, 500 pages thick with print so small you would need a microscope to read it!” He goes on to describe how that if the DNA code contained in all the cells of one human body were to be printed out on sheets of paper, “it is estimated that the paper would fill the Grand Canyon fifty times!”

The greatness and wisdom of the Creator of these things boggles the mind. His creativity is beyond comprehension. No two animals, trees, flowers, people, or anything else are exactly alike. Every species of bird has a unique song, a unique nest, a unique egg, and a unique behavior. He made the rivers, the mountains, the plains, the deserts, and every other “place” that exists as well as every living thing that inhabits these places.

Ever take care of an animal? Most of us have done so, and some of us may care for many animals, for example on a farm or in a fish hatchery. Imagine having the responsibility of feeding everything that lives on earth! God does this day in and day out, for “He gives life to everything, and opens his hand and satisfies the desires of every living thing (Psalm 145:16).”

Imagine a being that knows everything. He knows how many grains of sand there are, for He made all of them. He knows how many hairs are on our head (Luke 12:7). He knows every word we speak – before we speak them (Psalm 139:4) – and He knows every thought (1 Samuel 16:7). He knows everything about everything and everyone. He hears everyone’s prayers, no matter how many people may be  praying at any one point in time. He is sovereign. Nothing happens without his knowledge and control. He is never surprised by anything, never worried, never caught unawares, never wondering what to do next.

His love is infinite, and everything about His character, e.g., His kindness, mercy, grace, patience, wisdom, knowledge, gentleness, and compassion, is great and overflowing.  How great the love that would condescend from such an exalted place in the universe, worshipped by all the angels of heaven, to be born as a child, subjected to all the abuse evil men could heap upon Him, including death on a cross, so that we could be exalted by Him with the joy of heaven that only He knew.

To study His Word, wherein He describes himself, and ponder God’s greatness in our heart, as Mary did (Luke 2:19), is a one of the greatest privileges and joys in life. I would encourage you to do so!

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