Never alone

John 14:15 “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.”

Do you realize that a believer is never alone?  No matter how he or she feels emotionally, no matter what his or her situation – be it sickness, abandonment by a friend or even a spouse, or loss of a friend or relative to death, we are never, ever alone.   A believer is never left hanging in any situation without the Helper being right there with them.  They are never without support, never without direction, never without strength, never hidden from God’s view.  God’s word is clear that we can never get away from Him even if we wanted to – be it in Heaven, the uttermost parts of the sea, or in utter and complete darkness (Psalm 139), even though that darkness may be the very shadow of death – for even there we need fear no evil for He is with us (Psalm 23). 

Do you feel alone right now?  Do you fear something you need to face “all by yourself” in the near future?  Remember, you are never, ever alone if you know the Lord.  Talk to Him, he is right there beside you, right now – and forever.

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