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Devotional thoughts to encourage you rooted in the immeasurable treasures of God’s Word.

People need encouragement. Where do we go for it? It’s not in the newspaper or other news media. If anything those sources of information only bring discouragement as they specialize on the negative. Sometimes we turn to our parents, spouse, or other loved ones. But often that isn’t enough, as they are fallible human beings, just like us, and just like us, they don’t have all the answers. But there is one place we can go that has all the answers that matter. It is this source that tells us that we are to “encourage one another and build each other up.” But how do we do this? It’s from the wisdom of the Word of God, words that come from a source that is as high above us as the heavens are above the earth. It’s where I’ve gone day by day over most of my life. It’s where I’ve gone to read, think, and meditate on the soul satisfying bread of life. It’s what has sustained me above anything else in the darkest times of life when things just didn’t make sense. And it’s from this source that I’ve written the thoughts of this blog. My hope is that they bring great encouragement to you just as they have to me. May the Lord bless you as you spend time meditating on His awesome Word.